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How To ISOLATE your system to drain your solar pool panels.

1) When temperatures are to drop below freezing.
2) If you have a leak.

How to isolate the system – –
1) If you have an auto controller, turn it OFF.
2) Turn your pool pump off.
3) Wait 2 hours. This will allow the water to completely drain from your panels.
4) After the 2 hours, turn your 2 way Isolation Valve to off. This will not allow any more water to go up to your roof panels.
5) Now you may turn your pool pump on.
6) If you had a leak, now you can call the office for service – 813-406-6501.

If the water is trapped in the solar collectors, there is potential for the water to boil or freeze which can cause leaks to develop and invalidate your warranty.

License No CVC56780

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