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Cold Pool? Give your family the gift of more swim time, GO SOLAR!  WARM UP your pool by calling us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on a new solar system. According to Florida Solar Technologies, without solar you can only use your pool 107 days per year.  WITH SOLAR, you can comfortably use your pool 300 days per year!  Use the FREE heat from the sun to keep your pool water warm.  We have solar consultants that can answer any of your questions on PHOTOVOLTAIC (Solar Power) panels to really reduce your electric bill.  You may also want to consider adding a SOLAR LIGHT that uses the sun’s energy to light up a dark place in your home or a SOLAR ATTIC FAN. The attic fan pulls out heat in the summer SAVING YOU MONEY on your electric and is excellent for pulling out moisture in the cool months!

Call us today at 813-406-6501– to learn more about all the solar products we carry that qualify for the ITC 30% Federal Tax Credit!



Specials this Month:

***Receive One FREE Solar Pool Panel with the purchase of a NEW 6 panel (or more) solar pool system


****Receive a FREE pool cover with purchase of NEW solar pool system

0% interest for 12 months on any NEW solar product!

Looking for Tax Credits in Renewable Energy?  Call us for information about solar hot water systems.  Get a 30% Federal Tax Credit and utility savings incentives!  Save up to 33% on your electricity bill on a solar domestic hot water system! 

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