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By installing a GUARDIAN solar water heater you will take your electric or gas water heater off the "Energy Guzzling Highway".  Take advantage of the sun's unlimited free energy, do your part to conserve our natural resources, and join the nearly one million homeowners who proudly own and benefit from their own solar water heater.
Not only are GUARDIAN solar water heaters efficient and economically smart, they are also completely self-sufficient. Like your current water heater you don't ever have to worry about having hot water. It knows when to collect heat from the sun, and when not to. It knows when no electricity is needed (which is almost all the time), and when to provide back-up heat to insure your comfort. GUARDIAN is so smart that you can just kick back, take a deep breath, and simply enjoy the savings it provides.
GUARDIAN solar water heaters have also withstood the test of time. For more than 25 years, similar heaters have performed faithfully. With recent improvements in design, product technology and manufacturing, your GUARDIAN solar water heater can be expected to last, trouble free, longer than ever before. The savings it provides should pay for itself many times over! 
GUARDIAN will turn off and on daily, collecting heat whenever it is available. The automatic controller alerts the pump when to run. It also alerts the automatic check valve to open simultaneously. The pump then circulates colder water (from the bottom of your special solar storage tank), through your solar collector and returns the heated water to the tank. This cycle continues as long as the sun is available to provide heat to your water. When there is no heat available, the controller turns the pump off, and closes the check valve to prevent any loss of heat from the tank. If your family ever needs more hot water than the sun can provide, GUARDIAN'S back-up heating element automatically takes over, insuring that you will always have all the hot water you need. Worry-free performance is what the GUARDIAN SDHW system is all about.

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