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FAFCO SoloTube Panels

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FAFCO SunSaver ST solar pool heating system

  • Double your swim season with free heat from the sun
  • Keeps your pool toasty warm
  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate pool heating costs with free solar energy
  • Swim earlier in the spring, later in the fall
  • Adds value to your pool investment and your home
  • Solar energy is the only way to protect against rising energy costs
The SunSaver ST solar pool heating system is a patented water flow metering system that distributes water evenly throughout the entire system for maximum heating efficiency with no hot and cold spots like other solar brands. Larger 2-inch, full-flow header pipe prevent undue strain on your pool pump.
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds
  • Exclusive "Sure Seal" coupling system completely prevents leaks at header pipe connections
  • Separated tubes deliver superior freeze protection-even on flat roofs
  • Requires two-thirds fewer roof attachments than other brands
  • Ultra lightweight design creates virtually no roof load
  • Flexible tubes easily bend around roof obstructions like vents
  • Specially designed tube separator strips raise panels off the roof for superior roof ventilation and moisture protection
  • Perfect choice for tile, shingle or flat roofs
  • 12-Year Manufacturer Warranty

The SunSaverST™ Solar Collector is manufactured in Chico, California. The collector is a specially developed, highly stabilized polyolefin and is of parallel, circular channel design with separated tubes. It is unglazed, uninsulated and designed for low temperature applications such as swimming pool heating, heat pumps, aquaculture, and hydroponics. This system should be drained before freezing conditions occur  

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