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CoolPV® by FAFCO

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Our New Exclusive Product! CoolPV® by FAFCO combines Solar Electric and Solar Thermal into one panel to give you the best of both worlds. Now you can finally heat your pool and generate electricity from the same roof space. The FAFCO Solar Thermal collector pulls heat away from the Solarworld Sunmodule Protect PV panel which maximizes its energy output and uses the heat to warm your pool for a more comfortable and longer swim season! CoolPV panels can collect three to four times the total solar energy of a solar electric system from the same roof area. CoolPV® qualifies for 30% FEDERAL TAX CREDIT


  • Significantly extend your swimming season
  • Lower your electric bill
  • Increase your property value
  • Help the country become less dependent on fossil fuels
  • Know that you are reducing your carbon footprint
  • Sell excess energy back to the utility company
  • Take advantage of tax benefits and credits
  • Hedge against future energy price increases
  • Made in the USA
  • 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Produces more energy from the same roof space
  • Watch you meter spin backward - you will never get tired of this!
CoolPV vs PV Graph

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