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AQUA LOGIC – Pool Control

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Aqua Logic combines control for solar pool automation and pool chlorination (Aqua Rite). It provides full control of all pool functions with added benefit of an Aqua Rite chlorine generator. With new Aqua Logic you can control your filtering times, pool lights, pool heater and all the other equipment around your pool. The best part is you can do all these things from inside your house. Now you can heat up your spa and turn on the jets before you even step outside.
Specific Aqua Logic Features: In-house Display/Keypad - Both wired and wireless versions. Wireless Spa-Side Remote Total Control Of Pool/Spa At The Touch Of Button Up To 8 High Voltage Relays - Controls pumps, lights, etc. Up To 4 Valve Outputs Control Up To 2 Heaters - Plus solar. Aqua Logic Chlorination Features: Produces 100% Of Chlorine Requirements - For pools up to 40,000 gallons. Automatically Produces Chlorine - From low concentration of salt. Separate Pool & Spa Chlorination Control

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