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Fun Fact:

FAFCO is the leading choice for solar pool heating, with enough solar pool panel tubes in use to circle the Earth 21 times.

FAFCO ~ Makes a big splash! And continues to revolutionize the solar industry.

1969       FAFCO introduces polymers for solar pool heating

1976       FAFCO begins compounding and extruding materials at its own manufacturing plant

2000       FAFCO moves to Chico, CA into a custom built, state-of-the-art solar research, design and production facility.

2003       Pool & Spa News Top 50 Products

FAFCO ~The Solar Heat Leader

  • Most trusted brand with over 1.3 million solar panels installed worldwide-that’s double any other manufacturer.
  • The only solar pool heating manufacturer with over 30 years of proven experience and reliability.
  • Highest rated heating performance in the solar industry.
  • FAFCO panels are lightweight, ultraviolet resistant, and deliver unmatched protection against cracking and fading.
  • 12 Year Full Replacement Warranty. “Lifetime” limited warranty-not restricted by years like other brands.
  • The only solar pool heating manufacturer with nearly 30 International and Domestic patents.

FAFCO ~ First things first…

  • First to introduce solar heating for swimming pools.
  • First to develop all polymer solar pool heating panels.
  • First to provide comprehensive product warranty.
  • First to install 1.3 million solar panels.
  • First to invest in product performance innovation – resulting in the hottest performing panels in the industry.
  • First to custom build a state-of-the-art dedicated solar R&D and manufacturing facility, located in Chico, CA.

YOUR FIRST choice in solar pool heating.

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