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Date: Apr 26 2016

Although Monocrystalline is one of the oldest designs or models in the list of solar panel types, it still holds its ground as an efficient choice. Products that champion polycrystalline or thin-film technologies to offer usable solar energy are cheaper, but lack the required performance level. The design process of monocrystalline panels holds the key to its efficiency. The panels are made of the purest form of silicon crystals developed through a series of controlled and time-consuming processes to ensure high performance level. Let us check out the benefits of using the monocrystalline solar panels to figure out whether these panels are capable of delivering the promised results.

Do More with Less

. With such high efficiency levels, you can use only a few of them to get more than enough electricity from the sun. It will save you a few bucks and even reduce the space requirement to set these panels up.

They are More Efficient

As these panels use only the purest form of crystalline cells, they can convert most of the solar energy into electricity. These panels have high durability, which has already made them the best choice for space travel. Research on its longevity has explained that . This means, more electricity for you year after year.

Installation Costs Less

Installation can be quite the blow to your financial reserve if you do not know which panel to choose. Among the different varieties of solar panels, the monocrystalline ones are considered to be quite affordable to install. These products actually need less mounting extensions than other solar panel types, which cuts down your installation expenses by half. Plus, as you can get more solar energy with less solar panel units, so installation experts have to do less work, thus reducing the charges.

Offers Higher Resistance to Heat

Solar panels generally start to show a consistent decrease in energy conversion as its surface heats up to more than 50 degree Celsius. Generally, solar panels lose 12-15 percent of their usual energy output in such conditions. But, monocrystalline panels maintain a high energy conversion rate than other panel types. Its high resistance to heat can offer you more electricity for extended period of time without requiring repair or maintenance.

The benefits of using monocrystalline solar panels clearly indicate what our decision should be when thinking about going green. However, if you need expert guidance in making up your mind, contact us.

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