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Why Tampa resident Dianne Dow swears by Coast to Coast Solar!

Date: Sep 07 2015
Soaring power bills can pinch you hard, especially when incomes are dwindling. For retired Tampa resident Dianne Dow, it was no different until she opted for solar electric panels for her home. While switching to solar cut down her electric bills by a whopping 66 percent, what made her experience even more impressive was the vendor – Coast to Coast Solar – who installed these panels at her house.


Talking about Coast to Coast Solar’s installation process, a visibly thrilled Dianne says, “Their installation process, from start to finish, was absolutely wonderful! They were here on time. They completed the job in a timely manner. Everyone was friendly and enthusiastic about what they were doing. It was fantastic.”The big cost benefit that the company helped her yield through solar power is certainly the biggest draw for Dianne. “For me, a 66 percent reduction in my electric bill is extremely important. I live on a pension and social security, which is what I used to pay my electric bill with… and you can’t beat that great reduction. It’s just fantastic!” gushes Dianne, extremely impressed with Coast to Coast Solar’s after sales follow up, too. “This is the type of company you want to get a contract with. They are there for you from the beginning. They are there for you when it’s over with. And if you have a problem with it anytime, you can contact them, and they are always willing and able to talk with you,” she adds.After setting shop five years back in June 2010, Coast to Coast Solar has indeed emerged as the preferred choice when it comes to installing a new solar system or repair an existing one in Sun-kissed Florida. The company does not only have an array of solar products, right from attic fans, hot water systems pumps, pool heaters etc on offer but also a brilliant know-how to address any issue related to solar electricity. Dianne’s testimonial is proof enough. In fact, now, she simply swears by the company’s services, and recommends every homeowner in the region to opt for Coast to Coast Solar, if they are looking for trusted hands who can help them install solar and successfully cut down their power bills. “With a 66 percent savings, THEY ARE the company to go to. Call them today, Coast to Coast Solar,” she says, as her face lights up with happiness, or should we say, ‘solar power’!
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