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Date: Mar 03 2017
solar better than wind

Solar and wind are the two forms of alternative energy popular in the US. Both cut back on power bills, reduce pollution, and create employment opportunities. Solar and wind turbines provide power to the world’s densely populated cities and remote areas. We are relying on wind and solar energy to reduce our dependence on traditional electricity and fossil fuels. However, can both live up to our expectations or are more promising than wind turbines? Of course, homeowners in the US are reluctant to choose wind energy over solar power. Why? Read on to get the answers.

More Market for Solar than Wind

You get solar energy practically anywhere, especially the sunniest places in America such as California, Arizona, and Florida. Tampa, Florida, for instance, receives 66 percent of average annual sunshine with 101 clear days and 2,927 hours of sun. Even when there are clouds and the wind is not blowing; using energy from sunlight still seems to be a feasible option. Many people think that solar panels do not work under cloudy conditions, but that’s not correct. Solar panels do work even on cloudy days, only a little less efficiently. You cannot generate energy from turbines unless there is wind. When we look for residential premises for turbine installation compared to , it is found that solar has a much larger market than wind.

Turbines Require Costly Maintenance

Turbines come with moving parts which are always susceptible to more damage. Things or objects may strike propeller blades, bearings can start to malfunction, or unwanted heat may be produced. A wind generator installed on a high pole or tower where there is more wind blowing may be struck by lightning more easily than rooftop solar. All of this means that turbines are difficult to maintain and call for costly maintenance. Even if you hail from a windy area, the cost of annual turbine maintenance will be much more than that of PV systems, which are durable and designed to last for decades. Solar panels only require cleaning so that dust does not block the solar cells. Upgrading your existing PV system with more panels is also possible for generating more power.

For city dwellers, solar is the most feasible option. One can install PV systems not only on the rooftops of residential houses but also in commercial buildings and schools. Wind turbines are unsuitable for thickly populated areas like cities. If you are looking for solar installation, we will help you decide if it is the right choice for your home. for more information.

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