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Date: Jan 18 2017
solar pool heating tampa

Choosing the correct heater for your personal swimming pool is a rather difficult and often a confusing task mostly because of all the different systems available in the market. The ideal way to begin is to start asking the right questions before you . You must understand your requirements, set your expectations, and then choose a product that meets your preferred budget. While the selection criteria vary from one person to another, the following are two of the most important parameters:

Efficiency Levels

The main reason you should consider switching to solar pool heaters is because of the high degree of efficiency they provide and the way they help you cut down on the annual costs of operation. Moreover, most of the solar pool heaters are compact in size and do not require more than a few square feet of the pool area to heat up the water. If your pool has space constraints, solar pool heaters are your best bet. In order to understand the efficiency level of a particular solar pool heating system, you need to consider the thermal performance rating of the solar collector. The more powerful your system is, the more solar energy it will be able to collect. However, you should judge the overall value of your pool heater in terms of the total provided heat rather than the heat per square foot. A pool heating system that is efficient yet undersized will produce a lot less energy than a lower-efficiency system which has a few more square feet of collectors. You must consider the weather conditions, along with accuracy and instrumentation, when judging the quality of any solar pool heater.

Cost Factor

Solar pool heaters cost a lot less than the traditional electrical pool heaters. Since sunlight is available all day long, you will never be at a loss for power with solar heaters. On the other hand, regular pool heaters raise your electricity costs by a significant amount.

, especially if you want to cut down on your monthly electricity expenses. This product is easy to install and fits into home environments very comfortably. If you wish to buy a solar pool heater, contact us now.

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