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Date: Aug 07 2017

What is the best way to cool off on hot summer days? Of course, to take a splash in the pool. But if you are familiar with the Floridian summer, you know even soaking in the swimming pool sometimes fails to give you relief because the pool water gets unpleasantly warm by the evening. People often use water coolers to make their pools comfortable. These systems require a huge amount of electricity to run. Is there any way you can cool your swimming pool without using up too much energy? Yes. Through nocturnal cooling system. What is that? It’s a process to keep the pool water comfortably cool throughout the day. However, you can avail the advantage of this technique only when you have a solar pool heater at your home. Here is how nocturnal cooling works:

This cooling system works either at night or at any time of the day when your roof temperature is cooler than your pool water temperature. The process involves running water through your solar panels during the periods of the day when it is comparatively cool. This is when the sensor of your heater starts working in reverse order to create a cooling effect. You can automate the entire process just by adding a solar controller to your solar heater.

The same factors that allow solar panels to absorb heat energy also enable them to expel heat extremely efficiently. With a high level of emissivity, solar panels can help the heat that has been trapped in your pool throughout the day, to escape. The process works particularly well on those nights when the temperature is relatively low. A windy condition further helps to carry heat away efficiently. For the same reason, nocturnal cooling works well on overcast days.

Already have a heat pump at your home? Run it during late night and early morning hours to keep the water flowing. If you don’t have one yet, consider investing in one. Believe us; you will enjoy your summer like never before. If you want some consultations on product choice and installation, we are here to help you out. .

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