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Date: Jul 25 2016

Plagued with skyrocketing electricity bill? Maybe it’s time to have a look into the matter, and see what needs to be done. Switching off the lights and fans when you leave the room may be a temporary solution, but is that all you want? Why not look for something more permanent, and stop paying high power bills once and for all? Solar is the buzzword in 2016, and . Why? Here are the top five reasons to go solar:

1. Sense of Independence and Security

Generating electricity right from your rooftop solar panels gives you a feeling of independence and security. Power your appliances, home lighting, security cameras, fire alarms, or heat your swimming pool without depending on a traditional utility company. And, when the per unit consumption rate is raised by the electricity company, you can relax.

2. Safer Alternative During Emergencies

A photovoltaic (PV) system together with an appropriate battery system will save you at times of emergencies. If someone in your house needs an electric cart, refrigerated medication or any other emergency medical device that needs power supply to run, you need to have a proper backup system. Solar power is your savior. Plus, solar panels are safe and don’t pollute the environment.

3. Affordability

With an increasing demand for solar, there has been more use of innovative technology and a reduction in the prices of solar equipment. All these have made installing home PV systems an inexpensive option now. You can also avail a number of low-interest loan programs that suit your budget.

4. Safe for Our Planet

Do your bit to contribute towards a greener and safer planet by going solar. With the performance monitoring systems that come with every PV system, you can better monitor your energy consumption and use energy smartly.

5. Good Time to Sell Your House

Have you been considering selling your home? Many real estate analysts believe that 2016 is a good time to do so. In an interview with Reuters, Svenja Gudell, the chief economist for the housing site, says that the millennials are going to be a bigger buying force. She also believes that inventory is going to be low, which means, there will be fewer houses up for sale versus the number of buyers wanting to make a purchase. This might be your opportunity to get a good price for your house. Why not invest in solar panels and highlight those features when selling? Studies show that such add-ons always have a positive impact on the selling price. You can encash it even more especially when there aren’t many sellers out there in the market.

If you want to switch to solar, 2016 is the best time to do so. Need further information about which solar solution is best for you? or contact us right away.

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