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Date: Apr 10 2017
solar energy in agriculture firm

Though diesel, kerosene, and propane are used to power generators in agricultural farms, they have their disadvantages such as transportation hassle, cost, maintenance, and land pollution. However, the sun’s free energy can be used in agricultural operations in multiple ways, which helps you reduce pollution and cost. In fact, you can leverage solar energy to heat buildings, dry crops, or power a water pump, thus making your farm more efficient. Read on to learn more about the use of solar in agriculture.

Solar Helps Dry Crops Faster

Solar products or equipment help you dry crops and grains quickly and consistently without leaving the agricultural produce in the farmland after the harvest. This also prevents crop damage by pests, birds, and inclement weather conditions. If you already have a crop dryer, it makes more sense to invest in an economical solar heater to eliminate the use of oil or a propane heater. In fact, farmers will be able to save a lot in terms of fuel cost while still being able to dry crops in cloudy conditions.

Solar to Heat Farm and Livestock Buildings

Did you know that you can use the sun’s energy to heat farm and livestock buildings? When you warm agricultural buildings and barns by harnessing solar power, it increases production and helps you save electricity bills with and other . Active PV systems that use fans and heat boxes warm the air, thus keeping your fuel costs low. Even the use of solar collectors in farms or buildings will save hundreds of dollars each year.

Solar-Powered Water Pumping Systems for Irrigation

Whether it is irrigation of crops or watering of stocks, solar water pumping systems meet much of the watering requirements in farmlands. Most of these solar-powered pumps have the ability to store water for agricultural operations when it is cloudy. This eliminates the use of batteries, thus keeping the overall cost of systems low.

Solar Systems are Economical for Remote Farms

PV systems cut back on electricity costs for agricultural operations at remote farms, orchards, and ranches. Solar systems are less expensive than traditional power lines and step-down transformers in applications including farm building or area lighting, water pumping, and electrical fencing.

Opt for low-cost PV systems for irrigation, crop drying, and livestock water supply. If you want to learn more about our solar products for domestic and commercial use, .

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