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Date: Jan 28 2016

Want to take the rising electricity cost bull by the horns? Simply follow the footsteps of hundreds and thousands of homeowners who are solarizing their homes. All you need to do is to replace some of your old household gadgets with the right solar products. Especially for Floridians, tapping solar energy for their homes is easy, as the Sunshine State is practically bathed in sunlight throughout the year.Here are three simple items you may need to tap the sun’s energy:

Solar Hot Water System

A solar water heating system is relatively cost-effective, especially because it generally starts giving you a return within the first three years. Most units have two components – a heater and a storage tank. Some of the systems use special fluids to keep the water in the storage tank heated for a long time.Regardless of their types, solar hot water systems can supply around 70 gallons of hot water per day on an average. While an electric heater uses up as much energy as an automobile, its solar-powered sibling can provide you the same energy saving benefits as taking your car off the road for a day.

Tubular Solar Skylight

These cylindrical lighting systems consist of a ‘light pipe’ that extends from the roof to the ceiling level, and helps channelize a full spectrum of sunlight into your rooms. They are not only less expensive than conventional skylights, but also provide better illumination in your room. In addition, they are easy to install, weather-tight and designed not to affect the ceiling integrity.

Solar Pool Heater

The US Department of Energy has identified swimming pools as one of the biggest energy-guzzlers, and as one of the most cost-effective means of cutting down energy consumption. These environment-friendly units help extend your swim season beyond the winter months.

Thanks to an array of tax credits and financial incentives offered by the federal and state governments, and the potential to significantly cut back onhousehold electricity bill forever, a growing number of Americans are utilizing innovative products to solarize their homes.

If you are keen on giving your home a solar makeover we can help. Check out our comprehensive product line right here. Contact us for more information.

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