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Date: Nov 04 2016
solar vs wind energy

You might be considering equipping your home with to decrease your electricity costs while lowering the impact you have on the environment. You are in luck, because there are various renewable energy choices. However, comprehensive research is necessary to understand which system is good for your property. Do you pick solar or wind energy? Read on to understand the advantages of residential solar vs. wind power so that you are able to make a more confident decision.

Home Usage Efficiency

Wind turbines do not depend on sunlight and so they are capable of producing energy 24 X 7. In contrast, solar panels can generate power only during the day. However, there is one problem that wind energy needs to overcome for maximum effectiveness – the wind turbines must be installed high above any kind of obstacle that could block the wind. This is the reason why the typical wind turbines for residential purposes are almost 80 feet in height. If you reside in rural areas with lots of empty spaces and few obstructions in the wind’s path, then setting up wind turbines on your property is a great option for you.

However, the field where solar panels excel is versatility – installing them on any roof and even on the ground is easy, and they still produce sufficient amounts of power to fulfill all electricity requirements.


Wind turbines come with a lot of moving components and this can lead to greater amounts of wear and tear. It also means higher degree of maintenance on the part of the user. In contrast, solar energy systems are stationary and do not require extensive maintenance.

Solar power happens to be a more practical and renewable option in contrast to wind power for residential purposes. and the cost of going solar is comparatively less than wind energy. If you want to join the solar bandwagon, get in touch with us and reap the benefits of renewable energy.

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