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Date: Apr 18 2016

So, you have a home swimming pool where you love to take a refreshing dip with your family and kids. But you do need to heat up the water so that you can enjoy bathing throughout the year. Then, which pool heater is the best for you? Solar or electric? We have the answer.

Solar Pool Heater

  • Solar pool heating is the most sought-after option for Tampa homeowners as the city is kissed with abundant sunshine all through the year. , these pool heaters can transfer heat right away. The water from your swimming pool is moved via a collector, generally found on your roof. Most of these heating systems use a digital controller, sending the water to the roof whenever there is copious sunshine. The collector warms the water and returns it to the pool. residents looking for less operating costs. They are more durable than electric pool heaters, lasting for 20 years or more.

  • Maintenance costs are pretty low.

  • Though the initial installation cost is higher, solar heaters pay themselves back down the years due to minimum maintenance and zero replacement costs.

  • Extremely eco-friendly as they do not use gas or traditional electricity to heat the water.

Electric Heaters

  • It heats the pool very quickly and works best in the context of Southwest Florida where the outside temperature is between 45 and 50 degree Fahrenheit.

  • With electric pool heaters, expect to shell out more money. The operating costs are very high. You have to spend around $900 every year without a pool cover and around $200 if you choose to use covers.

  • Have a short lifespan. They last only for 10 years which is half the longevity of solar heaters.

Which Is Ideal for Southwest Florida?

Apparently, you could go for any of the options based on your typical needs. However, if numbers are to be believed then many would vote for the solar option. Based on a report by the, solar swimming pool heaters are more economical and popular in the Sunshine State. People living in California and Arizona can also reap the maximum benefits out of them.

Go solar now if you are hailing from Florida. Contact us for further assistance.

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