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Date: Dec 20 2016
solar solutions in Tampa

With homeowners across the United States becoming aware of the benefits of clean energy, their dependence on the traditional electricity is reducing by a considerable extent. Due to the in the other parts of the US, several solar companies in Tampa are accommodating the energy needs of the domestic and commercial sector in the city. Whether it is solar water heaters, pool heaters, or attic fans, the market is flooded with to meet the needs of the consumers. Read on to learn more about how the solar industry is benefiting the American economy as well as Tampa.

Boosting Employment in the US

Based on the findings of a Bloomberg report, the American solar firms increased their hiring process by up to 22 percent in 2014. As per the Solar Foundation, about 170,000 employees are presently working in the different solar firms of the United States. The American solar industry is the world’s third largest, and its contribution to the nation’s economy has been projected at a colossal $15 billion. Solar being a highly labor-intensive industry, there will be more employment opportunities in the years to come. Estimates show that about 36,000 solar jobs will be created in the future.

Solar is Promising in Tampa

The recent voting in favor of Amendment 4 in Florida shows how enthusiastic the state’s residents are of solar power. In Tampa, the people are not only opting for solar installations in their homes and workplaces; many are even choosing to work in the solar industry. Homeowners in the city are benefiting in terms of reduced energy bills, as well as contributing to reducing their carbon footprint. Based on the estimation by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, home solar panel installations in Tampa will help houses to cut down carbon dioxide emissions to a considerable extent. In fact, solar can compensate the pollution effects of two motor vehicles operating for 28 years.  Several solar companies have created many high-paying jobs in the city. When it comes to a typical photovoltaic (PV) system of one kWp, it can generate 2.5 kWh-5 kWh of output daily. This means that the solar panels can produce about 900 kWh-1800 kWh of electricity annually. So, embracing clean energy will help to reduce pressure on the power grids of the city.

Installing rooftop solar panels will help you to save on power bills and reduce the emissions of toxic gases. If you want to learn more about our solar products, right away.

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