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Date: May 08 2017
solar powered wearable

What if what’s good for your health is also good for the planet? The wearable market is making it possible with the help of the solar-powered gadgets like fitness trackers. Apart from the obvious environmental factor, what inspired the manufacture of these items was one problem— the need to change batteries in order to keep these gadgets working.  In fact, many people chose not to use these wearables just to avoid such problems. The alternative? Devices that can be recharged using solar energy.

While other companies are engaged in speculation and research, Austrian jewelry giant, Swarovski, has collaborated with tech start-up, Misfit Wearable, to find a solution to the problem of refuelling wearables. They have designed and developed Swarovski Shine, an exclusive line of two wearable products and nine unique accessories. Designed for women, the items promise excellent technology and is provided with fitness and sleep trackers.

How Swarovski Shine Works

The tracker incorporated in Swarovski Shine has two crystal faces— a clear face and a violet face. The violet crystal is the one that recharges the tracker using solar light. It converges the solar beam upon the small solar cell that lies inside the crystal. According to the senior vice president of Swarovski, Joan Ng, the harvesting of the solar energy depends on the violet crystal, because it increases the intensity of the sunrays falling on the solar cell.

Swarovski Shine does not require hours of sunlight to recharge itself. Rather, it can power itself up within 10 to 15 minutes to deliver a flawless performance over the next few days. The device connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology to calculate the distance that you cover and the calories that you use in your entire day. It also determines your sleep quality.

Wearable manufacturing companies face two prominent challenges when it comes to designing the solar powered options: harvesting solar energy and storing it. But Swarovski Shine has proven that where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you are willing to embrace solar as well, contact us. We have the .

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