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Date: Oct 26 2016
solar blanket for pool

Harnessing the sun’s free energy to heat your pool can extend the swimming season by up to six months. However, heating your pool is often considered pretty expensive as you need to shell out thousands of dollars in terms of electricity bills. But, you don’t have to worry if you are using solar products to heat your home swimming pool. Though solar blankets have gained prominence of late, they are not as good as solar panels. Why? Read on to get the answers to your question.

Solar Panels Last Longer

Pool solar panels are a preferred option for homeowners because of their durability, reliability, and low maintenance. They produce more energy to heat your pool than the ordinary products so that you can enjoy the warm water and have fun with your family even when the temperature drops. No worries about dragging the panels as you would do if using solar blankets. Your solar panels will not get dirty as you do not need to store them while taking a dip in the pool. Once the panels are installed by our professional installers, enjoy in the pool water. Swim, play a pool game or splash around with your kids without having to worry about keeping the panels clean.

Solar Blankets are Short-Lived

Solar blankets for pools are nothing but plastic sheets that you need to place over the pool water. But there is a problem! These products are not as durable as solar panels. They deteriorate over time due to continuous exposure to the elements. Solar blankets last only for a few years. By the time you invest in a new one, the price of the product will have increased considerably.

Solar panels are ideal to power your home and heat your swimming pool. If you need more information about our solar solutions products, contact us now.

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