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Date: Oct 31 2016
solar panels for everyone

There is a common myth surrounding solar energy— that it is meant solely for the rich. This might have been true a decade ago when solar power systems were rather costly due to the high cost of production and installation, but times have changed. Owing to improved solar technology and reduced price of solar panels, solar power has become greatly affordable and entirely accessible. The price factor for rooftop solar installation should no longer be a deterrent for people, and this blog lists the reasons why solar energy has widespread appeal.

Savings for Homeowners

. These homeowners have made it a point to get in on the ground floor of the solar energy boom, and they are poised to get the benefits of the increasingly friendly solar policies to reduce their monthly energy bill and cut down on expenses.


The truth is, most homeowners who make the switch to solar power are middle-income wage earners residing in communities where the average income does not cross six figures. According to the Center for American Progress, majority of homeowners who went solar since 2000 earn an annual income in the $40,000 to $90,000 range. does not only involve minimum investment in most cases, but also low maintenance in the long run.

Lure of Developing Technology

Photovoltaic (PV) cell technology is undergoing rapid developments, and this has prompted the number of solar powered homes to grow exponentially in the last decade. A combination of reduced cost of solar PV technology, production, and installation has resulted in lower solar expenses.

As the costs related to solar technology continue to dwindle, and solar power becomes a reality for a greater demographic, the future of solar power and especially home solar, seems bright. If you wish to experience the benefits of solar energy firsthand, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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