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Date: Sep 10 2015


According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), almost 75 percent of residential energy consumption in the US is related to water heating. One hundred and fifteen million homes across the country consume 266 billion dollars worth of energy annually, of which approximately 47 percent is related to space and water heating. Solar water heating systems can play a big part in tackling this high level of consumption, besides allowing households to save up to 33 percent on their monthly electric bill. The best part, however, is that it will earn you a cool 30 percent federal tax credit, too. Given that the Federal Tax credit is about to end on December 31, 2016, you must hurry up! And guess what? Investing in a solar heater will also increase the value of your home. Now, doesn’t that sound amazing!

How Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

Made of recyclable and non-toxic materials such as steel, polymer, copper or aluminum, these solar-powered heaters have three basic components – the collector, insulated piping, and a storage tank. Thermal energy, which is gathered through collectors, is transferred through pipes to various parts of a building.

These systems can be divided into two types – active systems and passive systems. The former uses external power (an electric pump) to circulate the water, while the latter does not. Active solar water heating systems are the most popular across the US for both residential and commercial installations.

Installation Basics

Installing a solar heater is a great way of utilizing the Sun’s free and clean energy to fulfill your water heating needs in the most cost-effective way. Following are the steps that you need to take before installing one:

• Estimate how much hot water your household typically needs per day on an average.
• Next you need to calculate the volume of storage required to meet your daily hot water needs. This will determine the size of the collector you need.
• Hire a reputable solar contractor, who can help you to find out the exact type and size of collector you may need.

Install your solar hot water system today and join nearly a million homeowners who proudly own and benefit from their in-house solar hot water heater.

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