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Date: Jul 01 2015


It’s once again that time of the year when the Sun’s staring back till 8 in the evening, and your electricity bills are touching the sky, thanks to the incessant use of the air conditioners to battle the heat. Believe it or not, for most Tampa homes, during the summer months – May to October – when the daytime temperature nears around 90°F, the mercury level in your attic may actually shoot up to 160°F. This heat builds up, seeps down the roof and increases the temperature inside your home. Oh yes! THAT is the reason why your living room seems uncannily warmer than your terrace. That’s not all. Do you often feel that even at 60°F, the AC isn’t cooling up the room enough? That’s because the build-up heat coming down from the attic is also straining your air conditioners, consuming more power than it must, ideally. Now wait, it’s not really the end of the world. What you can do to take the bull (read heat) by its horns is install a simple solar attic fan. It will not only help eliminate the accumulated heat and bring your attic’s temperature significantly down but will also cause less damage to your entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. If this discussion has stirred up your curiosity, here’s some more dope on this very ‘cool’ technology that’s already caught the fancy of solar evangelists.

Removes heat and moisture, protects your roof: Yes of course, by cutting down the excess heat from your attic, solar fans make your pad a cooler haven even in these peak summer months. What it also does is it even keeps the moisture out in the monsoon, thus reducing the risk of roof shingles and increasing its longevity. In winter, on the other hand, an attic can absorb up to 28 gallons of water due to the damp air inside colliding with the frosty base of the roof. With perfect air circulation, attic fans prevent this moisture-laden air from condensing on the roof’s surface thus keeping your roof drier, and stopping the growth of mold. Therefore, not just summer, solar attic fans are a great investment for life.

Doesn’t pinch your pocket, is eco-friendly, too: Well, now you know that these fans make your home cooler and prevent premature aging of your roof, too, but how it does all is where the magic lies. To be fair, there is no magic. It’s all technology – solar technology, backed by the abundant sunlight that Tampa boasts of all through the year so these fans practically operate for free through the day. Ever since the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has been implemented in 2006, cost of solar installation has dropped by 73% thereby making it a much more cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels. Say no to fossil fuels, get home a solar attic fan, go green and do your bit for nature.

Lets you enjoy federal tax benefits: Thanks to their energy efficiency, solar attic fans also qualify for 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit under the Emergency Stabilization Act. To qualify for tax credits, the fan should have been operating in your home since June 1, 2009 through December 31, 2016, and it must be installed keeping in mind all the pertinent electrical, fire and building codes.

Facilitates easy installation: Solar attic fans are easy to install involving just a few steps. If roof-reconstruction matters are keeping you away, breathe easy, it doesn’t demand any structural changes on your roof or any kind of changes in your wiring system either. It’s a small unit that will blend into the roof line like it was meant to be there. Well, yes, it’s that simple!


  • When buying a solar attic fan, ensure that it is armed with the following features:
  • The solar panel brackets must be adjustable in order to receive maximum sunlight
  • Check there is no leakage; the unit must be water tight.
  • Look for stainless steel screens with pure grade aluminum powder coating so that cleaning of dirt and grime is easier.
  • Depending on the size of your house, opt for solar panels with a capacity ranging from 10, 20, 30 to 50 watt.
  • Most manufacturers give a 25 year warranty; make sure your fan comes with one, too.
  • If you stay in a hurricane prone zone, go for a custom storm model.

Most importantly, always opt for an original model; a cheaper version will crash in few months and kill your entire purpose. Install one that will last for ages and get set to save some bucks on your power bills. Breathe easy with a solar attic fan and cool off in style!

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