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Date: Apr 22 2016

Your home’s roof is the perfect place to install solar panels. But, is your roof up to the mark and fit for the new role? It doesn’t make sense to install them if your roof is not in the best condition. It will further damage your roof. Then, what are you supposed to do? Well, here are some of the things you need to factor in before .

Roof’s Age

Your roof’s age will help your contractor understand whether the roofing material is holding up and whether it can support the installation of PV systems in the future. The type of material will also help a certified roofing contractor determine the age of your home’s roof. You need to ask a lot of questions to your contractor to decide whether you can install solar panels or not. Even if you choose to go solar, figure out how much repair is necessary for the roof.

Roof’s Condition

A few indications will tell you about the condition of your roof without you having to consult an expert. Some of the signs include mildew, stains or leakage in walls or attic walls, dark and dirty patches on the roof’s surface and more power costs due to inadequate ventilation. Your roofing contractor will inspect more critical warning signs like cracked, damaged, curling or missing shingles, dry rot or leakages. When it comes to a typical solar array, they weigh approximately four pounds for every square foot. If you have a weak or a damaged roof, it may sag a little under the pressure of the solar panels over the years. This will further affect the roof’s condition.

Cost Involved in Repairing or Replacing

Are you planning to replace or repair your damaged roof before going solar? Look for the red flags if you are not sure. Anyway, you will need to consult a professional roofing company to get the job done. Your local solar contractor may suggest a roofing company and most of the renowned roofing contractors offer free estimates. This means that you are not required to shell out additional money for evaluation. You need to factor in the cost aspect to determine whether it’s a feasible option to repair or replace the roof before .

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