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Date: Jul 28 2016
Solar penles

Americans are embracing home photovoltaic (PV) systems more than ever before. And the trend is really catching up.

According to a recent study, a new rooftop solar panel is installed after every four minutes in a US home. And, those who are looking forward to go solar will be happy to know that the country just celebrated its one millionth PV system installation. Rooftop solar is contagious. Studies indicate that when you install a PV system on your roof, other houses in your neighborhood will follow suit. Based on a research by the Journal of Economic Geography, installation of a single rooftop solar in a block increased the average mean number of PV system installations by 0.44, within a radius of half a mile.

Rooftop Solar and Neighbor’s Envy

It seems that solar panels don’t only have economic and environmental benefits, but a psychological impact as well. When you install a rooftop PV system, your neighbor feels envious, wondering how much you’re saving on power bills each month. He too will make the most out of this saving opportunity by going solar. A recent study showed that one-third of US homes that opted for solar were motivated by a neighbor or a friend. Homeowners in the US do not want to lag behind when it comes to solar installation, especially when they notice that their neighbors are going solar, and .

Solar Education

Solar contagion also begins with the right solar education. There are still many people who are not aware of PV systems, how to switch to solar, or how much they can save on monthly electricity bills. When your neighbor installs rooftop solar, it opens room for conversation. You can ask him about the installation process, the cost, and the long-term benefits of reduced electricity bills. A casual conversation can trigger your interest to switch to solar, as well.

If you have not switched to solar yet, it’s high time that you do it now. Have questions about solar panels or other related products? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you choose .

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