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Date: Feb 24 2017
Residential and Commercial Solar Panels

The past few years have been especially encouraging for the solar power industry as many corporations embraced this renewable source of energy to meet their power needs. Harnessing the sun’s free energy not only saves these organizations money but also lets them contribute toward reducing their carbon footprint as part of their corporate social responsibility. The residential solar power usage has been growing by leaps and bounds. According to a December 2016 report by the Solar Energy Industries Association, the US residential market now boasts more than one million solar panel installations. If you are inspired by the solar boom and are considering to opt for solar power for your home and business, following are a few basic differences that you must know:

Commercial Installations are Simpler

Home and commercial solar systems are set up with a bolted racking system. However, since the roof of an office building is flatter than an average home, the commercial process of installation is also simpler than installing home rooftop panels. For business set ups, you can use installation systems that can be fastened to ballasts without penetrating the roof. Commercial installations are less complex panel-for-panel, but they take a longer time due to a larger number of panels compared to residential solar.

Not Much Difference in Price

Contrary to popular belief, home and commercial panels do not differ much in terms of price. The cost of a PV system is determined by the amount of energy generated by it and not by its weight or size. This means that a 5 kW solar system for a homeowner will cost the same as a 5 kW one meant for business use. Since the surface area of commercial products is more than that of home solar panels, commercial systems come with an efficiency rate of 17 percent to 18 percent. The difference is not that significant as the rate of efficiency varies by just one to two percent. Typical commercial panels have an efficiency rate of 19.6 percent which for home panels is 18.1 percent.

Solar manufacturers put in a lot of effort to design panels that you can integrate into your residential or commercial property. If you are considering embracing the solar power, let us help you. Being Tampa Bay’s only authorized FAFCO dealer, we can assist you with expert advice and show you the way on your path to go solar. Contact us today for solar home and commercial products that are just right for you.

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