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Date: Jun 15 2016

So, you’ve made up your mind to install rooftop solar panels to cut back on your electricity bill as well as contribute towards a greener environment. But how do you choose the right solar contractor? As more people are embracing renewable energy, the popularity of solar companies is increasing to meet consumer demand. But not all solar contractors offer high-quality photovoltaic (PV) systems, superior workmanship and outstanding customer service. Look for a solar company that ensures that you get the maximum return on your investment. Here are a few suggestions to help you hire the best solar firm:

How long they have been in the Industry

Experience counts when you’re installing PV systems. When people are installing heavy solar equipment on your roof and connecting the same to your electrical system, you need installers who know the job. Make sure that the solar company you are hiring is licensed, certified and insured. Inquire how long they have been associated with the industry. Choose a solar firm that can manage everything from the start to end – right from the installation, permits, upkeep and after sales service.

What Kind of PV Systems do they Offer

Several hardware items such as wiring, inverters and cables are required in the solar installation process. Fly-by-the-night firms often use products without performing a meticulous testing. It will not only create problems during the initial installation, but will also affect your PV system’s overall performance. If you are spending thousands of dollars on an installation, make sure that your contractor is selling you quality equipment. They must be able to give you an estimate of how much energy your PV system would generate every year. High-quality PV systems should last for about 30-40 years.

Inquire about Warranty Details

How would you feel if you find that your PV system is not working the way it should? Not good, right? Ask the following questions to know about the warranty details:

  • What’s covered or not covered in the warranty

  • What’s covered or not covered in the warranty

  • How long is the warranty period

  • Who bears the expenses for the labor or shipping costs when you need to replace defective parts

  • Will you get a warranty on the installation

You can trust our experience and expertise when it comes to solar products and their installation. You would be happy to know that we are Tampa Bay’s only authorized FAFCO dealer for all your solar pool and solar hot water needs. If you need further information regarding our company and solar products, contact us now.

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