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Date: Apr 17 2017
garden with solar lighting

Want your neighbors to go green with envy every time they pass by your place? Use outdoor solar lights to illuminate your patio and garden area. Solar lighting, when done well, can add an impressive touch to your garden as the sunny days give way to balmy nights. Here are a few tips on how to get your garden lighting right:

Path Lights

 Bring your landscaped patio to life during the evenings with the help of solar path lights. When pushed into the ground along the walkways, these small sun-powered lamps provide a soft glow, creating a magical nighttime ambiance. Be careful to keep them far from electrical outlets fitted on your home’s exterior walls.

Ambient Lights

Place these lights under the hedges and shrubs to create a dramatic ambiance. Consider installing them in stakes along your flower beds to fill your garden with a soft, romantic glow. You can also accentuate the appeal of your garden furniture by placing a few more lights around them.

Solar-Powered Spotlights

When you have an outdoor bash, you might want to brighten up the party venue to make it appear more welcoming to your guests. The illumination that a solar spotlight can provide is equivalent to that emitted by a 40-watt incandescent bulb. If you do not find the lighting adequate, use two or three bulbs at once to get brighter, direct light. Place them strategically so that the beams of light fall directly on the features, maybe a water fountain or perhaps your favorite apple tree, that you want to highlight.

Hanging Lights

These lantern-like decorative pieces come in various hues and can be used to add a dash of color to an area. You can use these mobile units to decorate different corners of your garden, creating a new look every time. Choose a lamp’s color wisely to match it with the seasonal hues of your garden.

Solar lighting is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way to enhance the appeal of your garden. No requirement of electricity; all that you need isample sunlight, which is free. These low maintenance lighting items are also easy to install and operate.

If you feel inspired and want to embrace solar power, get in touch with us. Being Tampa Bay’s only authorized FAFCO dealer, we can offer you the best solar solutions.

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