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Date: Feb 10 2016
bird proof with solar panels

For reasons unknown, to pigeons and other species of pest birds, your home solar arrays make the coolest destination for building their nests. Now this is a potent source of worry for many home owners. Wondering why? Well, it’s easy to see the link – with nests come lots of poop. Apart from giving the unit a badly-done spray painted appearance, droppings can eventually affect the performance of your solar panels, as they tend to create what is termed as ‘hard shading’ over the panels. By blocking sunlight, this solid layers of poops lead to significant temperature build-up, which ultimately damages your solar panels beyond repair. Thus protecting your solar panels from bird droppings is very important. Here are three bird deterrents that will let you bird-proof your investment:

Bird Mesh

A wire mesh that clips directly to the solar panels creates a canopy over the entire expanse of your installation. By sealing out the entire area under the panel, this fine net-cover offers you a cost-effective and efficient tool to save your panels from becoming a mini bird sanctuary. Bird-mesh is effective for a wide variety of birds including pigeons, gulls, sparrows and starlings.


Do these sharp upwardly pointed wire-strips remind you of medieval torture machines? Fret not, as they don’t hurt the feathered species. They simply create a physical barrier, which keeps a variety of urban birds from hanging around near your panels. Spiking strips are available in different materials including stainless steel and ultra violet stabilized plastic. Ask an expert which one is suitable for your particular bird problem.

Toy Bird Of Prey

You can deter the birds from landing on your solar panels by placing a toy falcon on top of your roof. Use a plastic toy, which is lightweight and keeps on swiveling around in the breeze, scaring the birds away. Some commercial buildings in fact use robot falcons to protect their solar installations from avian interferences.

Want to know what kind of bird proofing solution is ideal for your solar units? We can help. Our highly skilled maintenance team can provide a professional bird protection service for your residential solar arrays. for more information.

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