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Date: Mar 14 2017
solar power

Even today, when solar power remains an under-utilized resource in most parts of the world, Chile is changing the energy equation. Recently, the country has recorded producing more solar electricity than it actually needs and is giving out the extra power for free. Yes, you read it right, FREE.

According to Chile’s central grid operator, the spot prices for electricity in Chile hit zero for 113 days in 2016.The solar capacity on Chile’s central power grid has more than quadrupled to 770 megawatts since 2013. While there is no dearth in the enthusiasm to produce or embrace the solar power, Chile does need to work more on upgrading the infrastructure that can support this massive growth.

Chile’s increasing energy demands and investment, followed by slow and uneven economic growth, left some areas in the northern part oversupplied with power, while some other areas remained underserved and dealt with higher-than-normal energy prices. The solution was to increase the country’s ability to take on extra capacity, and Chile reacted to this. It has developed 29 solar farms, and another 15 are planned for construction in the future. The country is also building a 3,000-kilometer (1,854 miles) transmission line to connect the central grid to the northern power network. Additionally, the country is also developing a 753-kilometer (468 miles) line to alleviate the congestion in the northern parts of the central grid.

Chile’s endeavor towards a green future is inspiring many other countries to take initiatives in . If it has motivated you too, you can join the cause as well. ; we can provide you with the best solar solutions for your home or business.

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