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Date: Aug 05 2016
solar energy

Floridians are soon to join the happy Bostonians, San Franciscans, and Californians as Google is rolling out Project Sunroof throughout the Sun Shine State. Wondering what’s the big deal? Well, the tech giant’s brush with the solar space illustrates how much potential there is in the sunny state, as far as tapping the sun’s energy is concerned.

Born with the mission of ‘mapping the planet’s solar potential, one roof at a time’, Google’s Project Sunroof is aimed at encouraging private adoption of solar electricity. Under this project, Google will provide a set of tools to homeowners seeking to purchase and .

So How Does It Work?

The tool uses 3D modeling data from Google Earth to estimate how many panels could fit onto your roof. By using data from Google maps, it calculates shadows created by nearby structures and trees. It then makes use of day to day as well as weather and temperature data collected over years to work out a pattern, and to predict how many hours of usable sunlight a particular building site might get over the year. Based on this data, it finally calculates how much money a user can expect to save annually by switching to solar. And it does not stop there. It goes a step ahead, and provides the interested homeowners with a list of local solar power retailers capable of installing solar panels in that area.

This is a welcoming step and gives all the green-enthusiasts the right ‘push’ to embrace solar power for their homes. The ability to calculate their solar-enabled savings is likely to inspire more and more homeowners to adopt this option. There is no doubt about the immense solar potential that the state holds. In fact, Florida ranks third in the entire US in terms of rooftop solar potential. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association report, 2015 saw 41MW of solar electric capacity installation in Florida. This puts the growth rate in this area at 90 percent over the last year.

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