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Give Your Home an Innovative Look With Solar

Date: Oct 04 2017
solar panels


When you plan to enhance the value of your home, setting up rooftop solar panels is possibly the first thing that strikes your mind. Using photovoltaic (PV) systems helps you to cut back on your monthly electricity bills as well as contribute towards a safer environment. Besides cost savings and ecological benefits, solar panels for homes are now becoming the mainstream choice of many Floridians. But there is a problem. One of the primary concerns is whether the panels will make your home look unattractive after the installation.  Worry not! You can achieve an appealing look with polycrystalline panels that are multi-faceted versatile products. When you can spend so much of your time to make your home look beautiful, why not add an innovative look to your house with solar panels and give your house the attention it deserves? Here are a few ways to improve your home’s appearance with rooftop solar:

Use Large, Solid Panels

Big and solid panels covering your entire roof will add a neat and perfect look. You can opt for this style if you have a black or gray roof, giving your home an inconspicuous appearance. People will hardly notice the black or gray color when the panels cover the length of your roof.

Add an Innovative Look

Solar technology and design have come a long way since the inception of the first PV systems manufactured in 1954. Modern panels come with avant-garde mounting technology that enhances home aesthetics, curb appeal, and safety.  Solar cells can be set up on any surface or material including wood, shingle, metal, or tile. With the roof-angle no longer a problem for installers, homeowners with a flat or steep roof can choose from a range of panels. Our products seamlessly blend with your roof design. We recommend that you opt for front trims, a low-profile layout, and panels with fewer contact points.

Install Panels at the Back of Your House

Since a sleek design improves the look of your home, set up a section of the panels at the back of your property. This is how you can enjoy the benefits of going solar without compromising on your home’s curb appeal.

With a range of solar panels available with us  , you will certainly find the right shapes, sizes, and styles to enhance your home’s look and feel. If you want more information about Coast to Coast’s products and installation methods, contact us today.

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