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Date: Mar 15 2016

Ready to go green with solar energy, but doubting about its performance during the winter months? Many believe that solar panels are unusable during the winter. But, fortunately it is not true at all. How could it be, since solar panels use light to generate energy not heat? Surprised? Well let us explain what really happens to them during winters.

Energy Generation Is Higher In Winter

Research on the valence band and the conduction band (two types of energy levels) within the solar panels explain that too much heat is not good for the panels at all. However, in winter, the difference between these two bands stays even and therefore, generates more energy for you to use. In other words, solar cells can produce more energy in colder temperature. However, shorter daylight hours and cloudy winter sky can reduce the energy generation by covering up the sun.

Snowy Winter Is Your Friend

Stop working? Huh! Solar panels can work better in winter seasons. Especially when it is snowing. Research shows that snow on the surface can act like a mirror, and allow your solar panels to boost energy generation. However, if there is snow on the solar panels, it won’t work. So, , and they will do all the work to satisfy your electricity requirements.

Cold Air Can Increase Energy Output

Cold and sunny environments can add to the capability of energy generation of solar panels. Even experts suggest keeping the solar panels cool by putting water on them during summer. Each degree increase in the temperature can reduce the energy generation capability in solar panels by quite a bit. In these situations, there will be more current but less voltage for you to use. But, cold air keeps solar panel cells from heating up, allowing electrons to carry more energy to the batteries, thus increasing the output.

Using solar panels is a wise choice since it can offer you clean and affordable energy. And, now that we have busted the myth of solar panel’s low performance in the winter seasons, it is time for you go solar with confidence. if you have further questions.

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