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Date: Jun 17 2016

Your home in sun-bathed Florida could sure to get you off the grid and save up a pretty penny on energy expenses. However, not without a permit! Sounds like a hassle? Well, actually it is for your own good. As soon as you apply for a permit, an inspector will go through the plan thoroughly to make sure you are getting standard quality products (if not better) and everything will fit together smoothly. It is like having another pair of eyes on your project, helping you to make the best out of the venture. Let us explain the permit and inspection process to give you an understanding of things for a glitch-free operation.

What Do You Need?

In Florida, it is illegal to put solar panels in home without a permit. To get it, you have to submit a detailed plan of your building and your proposal of panel installation to the governing officials. Your plans will be reviewed and inspected by professionals. In most cases, you don’t have to be present on-site during an inspection. However, you may have to leave a ladder outside to get the job done (get updated legal info to know how to go about it). If the inspection and the review of engineering designs go fine, you will receive the permit to move forward with the installation. If you are not opting for a rooftop solar panel design, and need solar water/pool heating solutions, then you need to ask for a plumbing permit.

Ask the Contractor for Assistance

Generally, clients do not have to go through the whole permit seeking process; asking their respective solar panel service provider can get the job done. However, that means they have to find a trustworthy solar solution provider first.

What to do in Case of Repair/Replacement?

Although, in most cases, owners do not need a permit to repair or replace their solar panels, it is better to ask the officials, to stay updated on the rules. If your permit has a dollar limit on repairs, and in case the required repairs are crossing the boundaries, then you certainly need a permit, otherwise go ahead without one.

Brushing up on your solar panel permit rules and is the winning combination you need to successfully bring home the green energy. Contact us to discuss your solar solution requirements and we will help you with quality products.

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