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Date: Apr 20 2016

Traditional electricity is increasingly looking like a thing of the past, as more and more organizations are going big with solar. Disney is the latest to ride the green-energy wave. The happiest place on earth is going happily solar, thanks to its giant solar firm which has just opened its doors. And know what? Disney’s solar aspirations have taken the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse. A very creative way to install , isn’t it?

Quick facts about the project:

  • The project was announced in May 2015

  • The solar farm occupies approximately 20 acres of land in the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a Disney-controlled taxing region, and features 48,000 photovoltaic panels

  • The solar farm is located just off the entrance road of the Epcot theme park

  • The arrangement of panels imitate the head of Mickey Mouse

  • It’s as big as 1,000 residential solar systems

  • The panels are expected to generate an output of about 5 megawatts of clean electricity

  • By 2024, it will be generating 500 megawatts of solar as part of a multi-year plan

  • Duke Energy, one of the biggest utility company of the US, has built the plant and will now operate it

  • Duke Energy will sell the power to the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which is responsible for managing the utilities at the four Disney theme parks and the 40,000 hotel rooms at the Walt Disney World Resort

It will be worthwhile to mention here that this is not the first or only Disney attempt toward sustainability. Disney and Reedy Creek officials said that the project is a part of the entertainment company’s commitment toward sustainability. The company’s other sustainable projects include a plant that uses food scraps to generate electricity and fertilizer. In addition, Disney’s recent attempt at converting its conventional bus fleet into an environment-friendly one is also commendable. The new cleaner fuel-based fleet is expected to ultimately reduce emissions by nearly half.

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