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Coast to Coast Brings the Sun’s Power to Homeowners in Tampa

Date: Oct 27 2017
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Here is good news for homeowners who are contemplating solar installation. At Coast to Coast Solar, we are happy to announce our partnership with SunPower, the company that strives to change the way the world is powered. Why is it a big deal? It’s simple; SunPower can give you a lot more than conventional solar power systems. No wonder, when it comes to choosing solar solutions, organizations such as NASA and Apple look no further than this brand. Solar Impulse, a solar-driven airplane that recently completed a world tour, used SunPower’s solar cells to fuel its journey. SunPower solar panels also cover Apple’s new headquarters. Will you not want your home to flaunt the world’s best solar products? Here are the benefits you are likely to reap by embracing SunPower solar panels.

Superior Technology

SunPower’s Maxeon Residential solar cell series leverages the same superior technology used by Solar Impulse 2. Based on a copper foundation, SunPower cells, according to it makers, deliver unmatched reliability and the highest efficiency.

High Performing

SunPower solar panel produces 60 percent more energy than conventional arrays over the first 25 years of its lifecycle. While normal cells tend to lose efficiency over time because of age-related decay such as corrosion and breakage, the superior design of SunPower can address 85 percent of the loopholes in conventional cells, making it virtually failsafe.

Long Lasting

Meticulous design and rigorous testing enable these cells to withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions—high temperature, extreme humidity, fiercest storm, hail, and rain. This superior design ensures that you would enjoy outstanding performance and savings for over 40 years.

Look and Feel

SunPower’s uniquely designed black solar panels vouch for your aesthetic sense while reducing your monthly energy bill. Unlike the front side of the conventional cells that bear the marks of metal pastes, Sunpower’s Maxeon cells come with a clean look and feel. It is made to look incredible on your roof.  SunPower has the highest per square meter energy efficiency, and thus, makes the perfect solution for space-constrained rooftops.

Maximum Return on Investment

The SunPower solar solutions maximize your ROI not only by ensuring higher efficiency but also through hassle-free access to financing options. And that is not all; SunPower offers the warranty that is one of the best in the industry.

If you want to join the elite league of SunPower’s 20 million happy customers, contact us today. As the authorized dealer of this solar panel brand, we will help you embrace reliable solar technology that will let you reduce your utility bill, not your home’s curb appeal.

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