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Can Solar Save Life?

Date: Oct 17 2017
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Air pollution plays havoc with life and environment. It’s a deadly slow poison that can obliterate life from the face of the Earth. The most bizarre part of air pollution is that it kills slowly without the victims even realizing that they are already in its grip. When they finally come to feel the effects, it’s too late. From overall weakening of the respiratory systems and neurobehavioral disorders to cardiac problems and lung cancer, pollution-induced diseases can take many forms. And most of them can become fatal.

Solar power can act as an excellent antidote to the rising threat of air-pollution.

We all know that solar energy is eco-friendly. It can support a country’s economy by boosting employment and help a nation to achieve energy independence. At the individual level, it can help homeowners save hundreds and thousands of dollars on utility expenditure. But the greatest advantage of solar is that it can be instrumental in preventing premature deaths.

Sounds far-fetched? Not at all.

As part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Sunshot Initiative, scientists deal with this very question. Here are the findings of the 2016 study:

  • The research revealed that increasing solar adoption has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 17 million metric tons a year.
  • There has been a significant reduction in the levels of other harmful gases, namely Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particles in the air, too. Solar technology has reduced the use of these three gases by 10,000, 10,300, and 1,200 metric tons respectively.
  • Coal plants and other fossil-fuel-using units consume a massive amount of fresh water. Solar power can change that, too. According to Sunshot data, solar has helped save more than 300 billion gallons of water per year.

The Sunshot Initiative, which was born to encourage the adoption of solar power by driving down the costs of installed solar energy to 6 cents a kilowatt, has maintained that a greater share of solar in the US electricity supply will have a significant positive impact on the environment. The people behind this project believe:

  • The domestic air quality will improve, and as a result, people will have more fresh air to breathe.
  • Fewer children will be developing asthma, while for adults, a drop in the pollution level will translate into enhanced productivity.
  • Ultimately, there will be fewer deaths from respiratory complications.

Thanks to the falling prices of equipment, the solar industry has witnessed a rapid surge over the past few years. The sector now employs more Americans than the renowned tech-firms like Apple, Facebook, and Google. If you want to be a part of this historic paradigm shift, embrace solar. If you need any guidance on pricing and installation, contact us here.

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