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Date: May 19 2016

Do you want to use solar power on your portable electronic devices? May be the idea was almost impossible a few years back, but thanks to there searchers at MIT,the thinnest, lightest and flexible solar cells have been produced recently that can be placed almost anywhere.

According to the MIT professor Vladimir Bulović and Fariborz Maseeh, the Professor of Emerging Technology, this new approach will bring the solar cell, the substrate and the protective over-coating all in one process. As far as the substrate is concerned, a minimized exposure to contaminants will help to enhance the performance of the cell. You do not have to clean or remove it from the vacuum during fabrication.

The entire experiment of manufacturing this was conducted in a vacuum chamber at room temperature. The team used DBP, which is an organic primary light-absorbing layer and parylene, which is a common flexible polymer for the over-coating as well as the substrate. Parylene protects printed circuit board sand implanted bio-medical devices from environmental damages. Unlike the typical solar-cell manufacturing process, this cell does not require high temperatures and harsh chemicals.Vapor deposition techniques are used for developing the substrate and the solar cell.

According to the researchers, the used materials are just examples because many other material types including quantum dots or perovskites can be used as a substitute for the organic layers. However, the solar cell created is already the thinnest and lightest. Though it is about two micrometers thick, which means it is only one-fiftieth of the thickness of a strand of human hair, the cell is strong enough to convert sunlight into electricity.

However, since it is still in a nascent stage, developing it in a large scale will take time. The team is hopeful that their invention will help to open up new applications for solar power in the long-run. If you are feeling inspired by this latest development, and are for your home, contact us today.

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