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Date: Jan 04 2017
solar powered universities

For any educational institution, embracing solar power can be a great way to cut energy costs and make a lasting impression on its students. Several universities across the country are doing just that by tapping the sun’s energy.  Here are five universities that have been creating ripples by taking outstanding initiatives in the field of green energy generation:

University of Arizona

The university kick started its solar energy project back in 2009. Since then the 130-year old institution has been ramping up its solar panels. It attained a whopping 28,095-kilowatt capacity in 2014.This Tucson-based public research institute took a two-birds-one-stone approach towards going green on campus and installed solar panels over one of its parking garages. Besides generating a huge amount of electricity, the solar arrays provided the campus with a massive roof and some much-needed shade from Tucson’s piercing sun.

University at Buffalo

Designed by the internationally acclaimed artist Walter Hood, this unique, artistically positioned solar structure provides meditative and educational spaces for community members and young students. It is also open to the public. With some unique reflective properties, this giant solar stand offers impressive visual effects. The university’s green message to the world is that sustainability can be beautiful.

Colorado State University

This Fort Collins-based university has dedicated almost 30 acres of its land to solar panel installation. It has invested in a unit that is capable of producing 8,500,000 kWh of electricity annually, which translates into 1,000 watts of electricity per hour for 8.5 million hours.  Students are allowed to work in the power plant so they can gain hands-on experience in solar hardware maintenance and output analysis. It also offers the students the opportunities for solar research, encouraging them to come up with new, innovative project ideas that can benefit the society as a whole.

Princeton University

Princeton boasts solar panels that, even on a cloudy day, can generate enough electricity to power nearly 8,000 laptops. Naturally, it provides significantly more energy on sunny days. The university website has a live update page that provides information on the campus’s energy sources.

Santa Clara University

Silicon Valley’s prized private university is on its way to rolling out a ‘smart microgrid’ technology. When completed, the school’s will help to generate weather reports. The university authorities are hopeful that the system will help to show the ways of maximizing energy output. What’s more? This efficient system will eventually power the entire campus and nearby homes and commercial establishments for a considerable time at a stretch, even in the event of a major power outage.

Students learn through experience, and these solar-powered campuses bring a real-world solar energy experience into the classroom. Feeling inspired? Get in touch with our experts and get a blueprint for a foolproof .

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