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Date: Dec 15 2015

Dive. Splash. Swim. Oh wait, it’s too cold!

Don’t worry. Our super-cool solar pool heater has got your back. If you love to swim and live in the cooler parts, you absolutely need it before this winter. Just like solar energy, these solar pool heaters are clean, green and pocket-friendly, and hence a better alternative to traditional gas or electricity powered units. Here are more reasons to invest in a solar pool heater:

Helps Prolong Swimming Season

What’s the use of a swimming pool in the backyard if you can’t dive in at will? It doesn’t matter if gets a little cold outside, you can still enjoy a swim in a heated pool. Solar pool heating systems can extend your swimming season by at least a couple of months, from early spring to late fall.

Trims Down Your Energy Bill

Unlike their traditional counterparts, solar heaters don’t use expensive fossil fuels to generate heat. They meet all your pool heating needs but at a fraction of the cost of running and maintaining electric heaters. Switching to solar is just a onetime investment – once installed, there will be no more heating bills to pay.

Stays With You for a Long Time

Unlike traditional pool heating systems that last seven to 10 years on average, solar units last 15 to 20 years or longer, and come with a minimum of 10-year warranty.

Needs Lesser Maintenance

Solar heaters do not require frequent servicing. This translates into less hassle and more cost saving for homeowners. An annual checkup, however, is strongly recommended. An annual inspection will help you detect issues as and when they arise and hence avoid costly repairs in the future.

Solar Is Environment-Friendly

While heating a swimming pool, electric or gas-powered pool heaters consume a lot of energy. Burning fossil fuels releases nitrogen oxide to the atmosphere. This adds to the level of environmental pollution. With solar pool heating, you get an emission-free solution. This lets you do your bit for the good old planet.

Winter is knocking at the door – so what? With a solar pool heating system right there, it is unlimited splash-time for you and your family. Choose a unit according to your pool size and start saving energy, money, and the environment, too.

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