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Date: May 26 2016

Home improvements such as new paint on the wall or a beautification of the patio only add to the cosmetic value of your home. In contrast, , though a kind of home improvement, helps to increase the value of your home. And if you are paying in excess of $150-$200 per month to your local utility provider, your rooftop solar panels will let you save considerably on your energy costs. Yes, it is true that solar installations offer homeowners a better return on investment than any other home improvement measures. In addition, there are several other ways homeowners can profit from their investment:

Solar Versus Other Home Improvement Measures

Any cosmetic improvement to bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of the home cannot control a household’s energy consumption and costs associated with it. On the other hand, solar system gives you significant monthly savings, which is extremely important to any homeowner.

Solar ROI versus Other Home Improvement ROI

Are you concerned about your rising electricity bill? Well, the findings of a recent Appraisal Journal study will make you happy. According to the study, home improvements aimed at saving money on annual electricity costs will help increase the property’s value by a 20-to-1 ratio. This means if your solar panel helps you save $1,000 annually, there will be a cool $20,000 increase in the property value. Don’t brush it off as an exaggeration – just think, if given a choice, which one will you choose? A home that generates green, self-supporting solar power or the one that makes you shell out thousands of dollars in electricity bills every year? You got the point.

Making the Case for the Value of Solar Installations

For today’s consumers, personal values play a key role in their purchasing decisions. A green lifestyle for many of today’s consumers is not just words, they are ready to go the extra mile to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. With rooftop solar panels powering your home, you will be ahead of other homeowners in a competitive market.

Solar solutions give homeowners some wonderful opportunity to make profits by investing in . As soon as the decrease in monthly electricity bill exceeds the total costs of installation, you will start getting a positive cash flow. And this positive cash flow will last till you live in the house, and even when you decide to sell it.

Solar is lucrative, and there is no doubt about it. Want to join the club of smart homeowners? We can help.

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