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Date: Feb 17 2016
Solar attic fan on your home

Most homeowners opt for solar roof ventilation to get rid of the summer heat. July and August are the hottest months in Florida, with afternoon temperatures shooting up to 90o F on an average. So, if you want to beat the hot Florida summer, you need solar attic fans. High-quality, solar-powered attic fans cool your home without swelling your power bills every month. Solar attic fans work as good as whirlybirds, getting rid of the hot air from your roof. They use solar energy to cool your home and can do the work of 15 whirlybirds alone. Read on to learn about the 3 most important benefits.

1. Get Relief During The Summer Months

If heat builds up in one portion of your home, it will be radiated to the other parts as well. This consequently will raise the overall temperature of your house. Installing solar attic fans will lessen roof temperatures to a considerable extent. You can expect a drop in temperature in the other living areas of your home as well.

2. Looks Attractive

It’s true that 15 whirlybirds can cool your home during the summer days. But have you considered how unsightly your house will look with them? Solar attic fans come with attractive features and don’t compromise with the aesthetics of your home. They are sophisticated products and once installed, homeowners will hardly notice they are there.

3. Reduces Your Air Conditioning Costs

When the roof temperature soars, it’s bound to affect the performance of your home air conditioner. The heated air in your roof heats the cold air that is circulating via your AC’s duct pipes. This reduces the efficiency or performance of your home cooling system. , on the contrary, lessen the overall temperature of your house, thus exerting less pressure on your AC. In fact, at times you may not have to use your AC at all! The savings you enjoy is obvious.

Solar attic fans are an excellent addition not only to a home, but also to commercial buildings, warehouses, and sheds. Want to know more about them? .

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