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Date: Jan 19 2016

Do you know that the rooftop of your school building can be utilized for installing solar panels? You can make the most out of the huge, flat roof to produce cheap electricity. It will not only save your school’s future energy costs, but will also help you contribute towards a safer and greener environment. Here are three reasons why your school should go solar:

  1. Get Educational and Employment Opportunities

School can reap huge benefits when it comes to installing solar systems. It’s not just about saving money, but to create an environment-conscious student body. Students must learn about the ecological challenges faced by our planet, and so schools with solar panels can take the first step towards creating a cleaner environment. , students get the first-hand information about how sun’s free energy can be converted to generate cheap electricity. Schools with solar systems will also use them as effective tools for imparting knowledge. Teachers can count on them to explain various concepts of chemistry, math and physics.

According to a 2016 report by the Solar Energy Industries Association, it’s estimated that the rising demand for solar will create multiple green-collar jobs in the US, including opportunities in the research, manufacturing, development, sales, construction and marketing domain. A solar curriculum will develop students for related jobs.

  1. Save on Electricity Bills

Going solar will cut back your school’s power bills to a considerable extent. The cost of solar electricity is less or the same when compared with what you’re paying now. A high-grade PV system will last for 25 years, implying that your school can save several million dollars on electricity bills in the days to come. Plummeting solar costs is also encouraging more educational institutions to go solar. The saved money can be used to reinvest in textbooks, experienced teachers, improved labs and additional student services.

  1. Create a Safe, Green Planet

Producing electricity from traditional sources results in the emission of harmful greenhouse gases in the US. Power generation from fossil fuels emits sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are responsible for the production of ground-level ozone (smog) and fine particulate matter. Going solar will lessen air pollution in the environment.

Solar panels for schools are investments worth considering. It is beneficial for the greater benefit of the community and the planet. Go solar!

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