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Date: May 17 2016

Plans, promises and preparations define the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign. The candidates are leaving no stone unturned to win the hearts of the US citizens, before the D-day arrives in November. Amidst various topics of discussion, renewable energy evolved as a hot issue this year. The Obama Administration signed a UN agreement with 195 other nations at the end of 2015 that talks about aggressive climate change reduction strategy. The existing government has also been defending Clean Power Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and extended solar and wind tax credits. This year’s candidates have kept an eye to these policies and have framed their presidential campaign accordingly.

Hillary Clinton

Environment protection awareness plan of the former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, has placed her ahead of others. She proposes by 2050, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by more than 80 percent. In order to achieve this, Clinton insisted upon expansion of solar energy across the U.S. to 140 gigawatts. This means almost 25 million homes will use solar energy system in the coming years. She also proposes to power every home in America with renewable energy by 2026. Whether it is federally-owned lands or infrastructure, renewable energy will be implemented in all these regions with restriction on development of fossil fuel resources on public lands.

Bernie Sanders

He is the next Democratic nomination for the US Presidential Election, 2016. Bernie has not given any detail on specific targets for renewable energy growth, but he intends to reduce the carbon emission by more than 80 percent by 2050 through tax. He proposes to invest in energy efficiency, and in wind and solar power. Bernie extends his support on banning fossil fuel leases on public lands. He will minimize the subsidies for fossil fuel producers, and help in .

Other Candidates

The much controversial candidate of the year, Donald Trump, has not proposed any energy policy. Rather he supports expansion of natural gas and oil resource development in the U.S. The Ohioan Governor, John Kasich, lends his support on increasing U.S. energy production from all sources and he encourages the development of advanced energy technologies. Dr. Ben Carson has not framed any specific energy policy, but he supports expansion of renewable energy source and elimination of subsidies from the traditional energy markets.

We need to wait for more than six months to finally understand . Until then we can hope that policies are made after in-depth thought because this is a cost effective solutions, which is beneficial for the greater and greener needs.

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