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2 Programs That Are Putting More And More Veterans On The Solar Map

Date: Feb 09 2018
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Due to the rapid growth of the US solar sector, employment opportunities have risen 20 times faster than the overall economy.  These jobs require skilled workers and are a big draw for veterans leaving the military, as the thriving industry gives them the opportunity to use their excellent management, leadership, and organizational skills outside the battleground. Companies are more than happy to comply, with 9.0 percent of all the country’s solar workers being ex-servicemen and women – a considerable improvement over the 7.2 percent veteran employment rate of the total US workforce (Source: The job profiles range from manufacturing to production, sales to installation. But room for growth still exists. And various solar training programs are facilitating just that. They are geared towards a smooth military-to-solar transition for the 200,000 army personnel, who will be discharged from duty over the next five years.

  • Solar Ready Vets Program: A US Department of Energy (DOE) initiative, this six-week program was announced back in 2015 to provide solar training to vets on military bases. Servicemen and women are given fundamental knowledge of solar project management, installation, and other vital information. The program is limited to just 10 US military bases including Utah, Colorado, and California right now. But as more bases start offering this immersive program, the easier it will be for veterans to apply for solar jobs once their service period ends.
  • Troops to Solar Program: This project grants $750,000 over a three-year period. Hands-on solar installation training is provided to active duty service members and veterans. Even though the program is nearing the end of its term, it has helped 1,000 army personnel find jobs in the solar industry.

Solar industry jobs help army veterans find a rewarding career while contributing to the country’s energy independence and sustainable energy. In fact, this green technology will give these Bravehearts an opportunity to continue to improve US national security, albeit in a new uniform.

The solar industry is all set to bring about a profound change in the way our economy is powered. If you want to be a part of this ‘revolution’ by embracing the ‘green’ this year, Coast to Coast Solar can help you in realizing your goals. To know about your options, contact us here.

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